We are a team of professionals whose career and passion came together.
We follow our passion, and this is as realistic as it gets.


Wanted to be a fighter pilot, then a cryptographer finally turned out to be a Technopreneur in the enterprising world of Information Technology.

Esesve’s career spanned across different technologies, diverse verticals with customers who are poles apart. He has helped customers across the globe in wide-ranging positions, architecting impeccable compliance & security solutions. He was instrumental in architecting SOx solutions for world-renowned organizations like JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland, Supervalu, Macquarie Funds Group, Hanes Brand, GE etc. As a Product Manager at Oracle, he was key to the design and functionality of the industry reputed identity governance solutions. He also published a few award-winning research papers in Cryptography.

With more than a decade of industry experience in various roles, cutting-edge technologies and senior positions, Esesve, under his leadership has developed successful Business Models & achieved Operational excellence for his previous organizations. He was instrumental in driving multi-million dollar revenues by setting up new practices and service areas including Cloud and Data Center services.


Visionary, Leader & Founder

Vision & Mission

“Technology is not adopted by people; Technology needs to adapt to people” – Sam Pitroda (answering to a query at Symbiosis (SIC) in July 2004)


At ENH we wish to work with the world’s ecosystem, helping technology smartly adapt to the people’s needs and thus making life easier, secure & smarter.


ENH strongly believes that just technology might be able to solve all problems. However, understanding the problem and making the technology work accordingly does solve it. We strongly believe in functional expertise to deliver technical solutions.

ENH considers that any world changing technology priced at unattainable cost is not worth the invention. We wish to provide innovative solutions at adaptable costs to both corporate and non-corporate clienteles.


A great revolutionist in India once said, “A country doesn’t mean mud and sand, a country means people”. ENH respects its workforce and provide a culture where every individual grows, innovates and provides to the Vision of the organization.